Our Brands

Master Coating Technologies family of five brands currently includes three specialty coatings, one clear dry erase coating, and one sculpted wall panel. All brands are engineered to meet the most stringent environmental requirements, while maintaining their world class durability.

  • Scuffmaster Paint

    All Scuffmaster coatings are Earth friendly, design friendly and they're the most durable finishes in their class. After all, your designs can stand the test of time, shouldn't your paint? Explore the entire Scuffmaster line today and imagine the possibilities for your next project.

  • Zolatone Interior Finishes

    We created Zolatone because sometimes we want more than what solid color paint can provide. Sometimes we want texture, patina and dimension. The colorful flecks suspended in Zolatone paint create a natural blend of tones that's much closer to the way we experience color in the world around us. Varied, random and wonderful, Zolatone is simply more interesting than solid color paint.

  • MDC

    Beautiful. Durable. Affordable. Paint is everywhere and MDC has four of the best options available. From bright pearls and sophisticated textures, to smooth, solid color paint, the MDC line of interior finishes has something for everyone. All MDC finishes are water-based, low VOC and competitively priced to deliver a great look at an affordable price.

  • Bellagard Sculpted Wall Panels

    With 70 unique options, Bellagard Sculpted Wall Panels add an extremely unique detail to any environment. Select from colorful array of film finishes, paint colors, and multidimensional pattern options. With Bellagard, it's simple to achieve a custom appearance that blends beautifully with a variety of interiors. Our patented "Unpack and Attach" installation system makes Bellagard the natural choice for sculpted wall panels.

  • ClearErase Dry Erase Clear Coat

    ClearErase is a dry erase clear coat that can be seamlessly applied to interior spaces as easily as traditional paint. Turn any existing wall, in any color, into a durable and cleanable surface resistant to scribbles, common marks and daily wear.

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