Our goal is a simple one: We strive to create great looking, low-emitting products with class-leading durability. In 2011, Master Coating Technologies installed a 216 module photo voltaic solar array. This system of repeating wave panels yields the highest energy density and production possible and is expected to generate 52,000 kWh annually, providing an energy offset of 12-13%. That's just part of our commitment to becoming one of the leanest, most environmentally smart manufacturers of interior products.

  • Environmental Compliance

    All products manufactured by Master Coating Technologies meets or exceeds all environmental requirements for low VOC and performance. To include the USGBC (LEED), CAGBC, EPA, CHPS, GreenSeal, GreenGard, South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) and others.

  • Solar Power

    Did you know that MCT has one of the largest solar panel arrays in the state of Minnesota? MCT utilizes solar energy to aid in the manufacturing process of all of our products. We like to say that there is a little bit of sunshine in every gallon of paint that we ship out.

  • ISO 14001 certification

    ISO 14001 is a standard for an environmental management system. At MCT, we determined our impact on the environment from both an operational and business standpoint. We then created a plan to control our processes to minimize that impact. This is just another way MCT can provide not only superior products, but can show our clients that we take our environmental commitment very seriously.

  • Green Minute

    Be sure to check out our Green Minute videos where we highlight other areas of environmental awareness at Master Coating Technologies.

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